About Wecasual

What is Wecasual?

  • Wecasual is a community that hosts games all week every week for casual players looking to have an organized and fun esports experience.
  • At Wecasual, we put having fun before anything else. What's the point in playing if you're not having fun?

The spirit of real life recreational sports leagues brought to esports

  • Wecasual is building a recreational sports league feel in esports. Wecasual is the place to come hangout and have fun a couple of nights a week.
  • Wecasual is a toxic-player free environment where players are guaranteed nice teammates!

It's more than just playing

  • At Wecasual it is not just about playing esports. Wecasual is the place to unwind and chill out for people who love esports.
  • Before and after every game we offer activities to encourage players to hangout in our Discord with other members

How does Wecasual work?

  • When you sign up for Wecasual you will get a link to join our Discord community.
  • You will then be able to see upcoming games that you can sign up for!
  • You can play in as many games as you want per week.
  • There are no set teams, so you will play with new and interesting people everygame.

Discord Link

  • You must sign up to see the Discord link.
Our Values

Play for fun

Try out new things, and don’t get stressed out over your performance in game.

Positivity creates results

Thinking positively will help your team and your enjoyment in the long term.

Embrace difference

Everyone should be able to play with anyone no matter their differences whether it is skill, interests or anything.

Create a community

Meet community members. Do not exclude others because you do not know them.

Community before competition

Playing for fun and with inclusion is more important than winning.


Be honest and truthful, Wecasual will do the same.

The Team


The organizer

The man that keeps this whole thing together. Have any questions about anything? Ask Robert.



The coder

James keeps this operation on the web and makes sure things don't crash.



The money man

Stewart makes sure we don't spend all of our money on hats.